EXM - Update!! Enums values & Role Center

After one week I am releasing version (closer to 🤣)

There are 2 big updates:

Role Center
Yes, I know, not big deal... Creating roles according to Microsoft Guidelines makes me want to do anything else…
As you can see on the image below it’s a simple Role Center but I think that give access to all actions on an easy way. I’m open to suggestions (please!)

Enum management
On previous version we were able to define Enums and EnumExtensions but values management was poor and badly done.
Now we are able to set new values and get Ordinal ID automatically. Also “View Source Button” allow to get Enum values (it was easier than I thought).

Also, other adjustments and optimizations have been done. Some fields and table names have changed so please use ForceSync if previous version installed.

So, if you like to try or have a look (hopefully if you are still reading at this point)


Readme file has been updated too!!

Any suggestion and comments will be appreciated.

You can directly donwload the .app file from here: