DevTools for BC (select company, view table data & kill sessions)

DevTools is the result of fixing some issues that I'm having on my daily life when working with BC.

Now there are just 3 functions available:
  • Select & change company
  • View / Delete table records
  • Kill Sessions

Select & Change Company

One of most annoying things when working with Business Central is when you need to change the company you're currently working. Too many clicks. It has no sense that we must go to My Settings from the menu and change company every time. When working with multiple companies it's a big waste of time.

My solution it's kind of easy. Just select the company you want to open a new tab will open.

Select Company

In fact, there's a suggestion on Dynamics 365 Ideas website asking Microsoft to improve this.

View / Delete table records

I also miss the chance to access all table data (like used to do from Developer client). There's an easy way to get access to any table just by typing the URL. For developers sometimes it's easiest to remember tables nos. but some consultant colleagues always remember the name. So, I created a list where we can look for and select the desired table and show all records on a new tab.

View table data

There's also an option to delete all records from selected table. Just be careful. No way back!!

Delete table data

Kill Sessions

Sometimes we need to kill some sessions. Just an infinite loop or something killing your system. Just select the desired session and kill it.

Current session is the one in bold and we're not able to kill.

You can take a look, clone or download the app from GitHub

It's a work in progress tool that I'd like to improve so If you like stay tuned at Github for improvement and new features.

If anyone has an idea, please feel free to ask and I'll try to solve the problem and add to BC DevTools.


  1. Hi,

    I tried downloading the code from GitHub but somehow it does not have .APP extension file , what am I supposed to insert in the extension and management, could you please suggest how it can work ?

    1. Hi Vani

      You have two options to get the app file:
      - Get the file (zip) from release section on Github:

      - Generate the app file with VSCode. You should clone the project and generate from there.

      Hope it helps. I can send you by e-mail if needed.


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