EXM - Updated again

Hi everyone! 

It's been a while from last (published) update and here we go again. Some new functions are added, and some bugs are fixed.

Remember that all code and the app is available at https://github.com/picazin/ExtManager 

New features:
  • Assisted setup
    • Now you have the option to setup the app from the assisted setup list and just following the "amazing" wizard.
Assisted setup

  • Extensions Tree View
    • I don't think anyone misses that option but I'd like to give it a try.
    • We can view objects from all extensions or just from selected one.
  • Factbox
    • Quick look to our extensions objects.
    • It's visible both from extension list and card pages 

List of bugs and improvements:
  • New events
    • Now you're able to change the Object ID assignment in the way you want.
      • OnBeforeCalculateObjectID
      • OnBeforeCalculateFieldID
      • OnBeforeCalculateEnumValueID
  • Default previous type when inserting new lines
    • When creating new lines previous object type is assigned by default

  • Bug on assignment object ID when working with Internal Extensions
    • Reported and changed
  • Some new and amazing magic!!

Stay tuned for next update (will be soon) and some good new stuff shortly!!