EXM - Business Central Extension Manager

Since BC was release some time ago, we changed our way to work a lot. GIT, extensions, files, enums, interfaces... and more to come.

I miss some way to easy know what objects we used when developing extensions and not worry about if the object ID has been used. Some partners use EXCELS, internal apps or other methods so I decided (long ago) to create one. These last days at closed home (thanks to COVID-19) I've given a push to these project that I want to share with everyone.

The main idea is to give an easy way to create and get objects ID automatically and not to worry if some other developer on your team has used the same ID on other extension.

You can find the project and detailed information on the GitHub project page (https://github.com/picazin/ExtManager) and please feel free to add issues and new requirements in order to improve this app. There are things to improve and pending developments but it's a work in progress so stay tuned for updates!
Current version is tested with BC16 so if need a lower version feel free to ask if not working.

How it works?
I've tried to make it easy. First of all, you can search "extension" on the menu (yes, i know, pending role to create...)

We can select Extension Manager or Extension Manager Setup. For setup please read README.md at GitHub.

Once selected we can search or create an extension

And it's easy to create and assign objects and IDs

There's also an easy way to add fields to Tables and TableExtensions and get info about fields created on other extensions and fields from source table

You can also view customer related extensions from customer list and card. I always forget this point!!